Markham Capital Partners builds enduring businesses in lower middle market companies.

Markham Capital Partners is a lower middle market private equity firm focused on business services, industrial services, healthcare services and light manufacturing.

Founded by operators, MCP is driven by operational excellence with the mission to build enduring businesses in lower middle market companies. Target metrics include: $2-15MM of EBITDA, up to $150MM of revenue, controlling interest, large markets and in the contiguous USA.

Investment Criteria


Transaction Types

  • Controlling Interest Buyouts
  • Total Interest Buyouts
  • Management Partnerships
  • Management-Led Buyouts

Industry Focus

  • Business Services
  • Industrial Services
  • Healthcare Services
  • Light Manufacturing


  • $2-15MM in EBITDA
  • Up to $150MM in Revenue
  • Large Markets
  • Contiguous USA

Creating value through operational excellence.

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What is the Markham Performance Advantage?

The Markham Performance Advantage is a holistic system developed through years of operating experience to enhance business value faster than comparable private equity firms. The Markham Performance Advantage creates a culture of excellence through accountability, performance enhancement and individual growth.

Comprised of our proprietary processes, the Markham Performance Advantage starts with a focus on sustainability through establishing business insights, financial disciplines and an operational check-up. Once the foundation has been set, our team implements disciplines around operational excellence, performance management and process improvement. Finally, we turn to growth through sales management and strategic planning. Sustainability → Performance → Growth.

Operational Excellence

Our Philosophy

We believe business done right is a great force for good and is our platform to live out our values and shape the world.

Businesses allow ideas to be expressed, products and services to be released into the marketplace. It gives connection, dignity and purpose to individuals. It stabilizes families and communities and is the life blood of all governmental and charitable organizations. It has been a force to alleviate poverty, eradicate disease, enhance human thriving, provide justice, increase the standard of living and quality of life of mankind worldwide.


We are experienced operators and know what it means to make payroll.


We have worked in and with family owned businesses and understand their unique dynamics.


We have an extensive network of LP’s, banks, advisors, executives and consultants to ensure the right team for any transaction.

Value &

Through our systematic approach to management we build enduring businesses resulting in a faster and more certain path to value creation.

Who We Are

At Markham Capital Partners, we believe operational excellence is key to developing businesses that will provide dependable and sustainable value. We bring an operational strength to businesses that creates strategies to ensure long-term profitability without compromising the legacy created by founders and employees. We also provide guidance through leadership changes, using our experience to facilitate satisfying transitions for everyone involved.

Mark Graham

Managing Partner

Andrew Kilpatrick

Managing Partner

Beau Longino


Advisory Board

Jim Balkcom

Jason Weiss

Matthew King

Mark Huyoung

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